Something for Everyone.

Finding a just right home in the Seattle area isn’t easy these days. That’s why we’ve created options in every shape and size. Need an accessible, one-level home? We’ve got ‘em. Need something a bit more affordable? This is the place for you.

Home Features:  YOU + PLANET

YOU: How this feature creates a healthier, comfortable more affordable home

PLANET: How this feature helps the planet

ICF Wall System

YOU: Homes are built with ICFs, a system that creates heavily insulated, soundproof walls and eliminates the potential for mold. Your home will be comfortable and provide improved air quality.

PLANET: Nudura ICF forms are made from recycled products and reduce waste in the building process. These concrete buildings are built to withstand earthquakes and to stand the test of time.

Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pumps

YOU: Ductless heat pumps in each home provide heat and air conditioning. No ducting and multiple filters means cleaner indoor air free of dust and pollen.

PLANET: Heat pumps reduce energy use 60% over traditional electrical heating options.

LED Lighting

YOU: Your home contains LED lighting which mimics natural light and can help align your circadian rhythm, decreasing stress and anxiety, increasing productivity and natural sleep patterns.

PLANET: LED lights are up to 80% more energy efficient than standard lighting. They contain no toxic chemicals and have a much longer life span. Fewer replacements = less waste.

Sustainable Flooring

YOU: Sustainably harvested wood, thick wool carpet and marmoleum flooring all made of natural materials create a healthy indoor air environment.

PLANET: The wood floors are harvested locally and sustainably. Wool carpet and marmoleum are natural materials with no added chemicals.

Energy Star Appliances

YOU: Energy star, stainless steel appliances in your kitchen not only look good, they are efficient and healthier than gas.

PLANET: Energy efficient appliances reduce fossil fuel consumption and reduce your contribution to climate change.

Quartz Countertops

YOU: Quartz countertops in the kitchen are durable and attractive. They won’t chip or crack, and as a non-porous, surface they are easy to keep clean.

PLANET: Quartz is a naturally occurring stone with a long replacement life. By using long-lasting materials we are reducing resource consumption and waste.

Community Features

Healthy Homes.

Each home is configured to maximize space, light and comfort. We have carefully curated the healthiest materials to finish your home, from PVC-free windows to sustainably harvested wood floors, wool carpets and ductless heat pumps. Sleep well, knowing your home breathes clean.

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Live Car Free

You really can walk just about everywhere you need to go from the community. The ferry, grocery store, schools, restaurants, are all within 5-minute walk from your front door.

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Renewable Energy

The Walk is registered as a Living Building Zero Energy community. That means that if you rent here, solar is already on your roof. Have an electric car? Plug it in to one of the charging stations here at The Walk.

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